DreamFreaK 710XH

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Previously only available as a custom-built rod from Miller, the all-new 7’10” XH model is now available in-store as a stock model. Already tournament-successful in the hands of Carl Jocumsen, the DreamFreak recently helped Carl to a 6th place finish in the 2018 Bassmaster Championship.

The DreamFreaK has amazing balance and sensitivity rarely found in other XH swimbait rods. This not only vastly reduces fatigue in long sessions of casting, but also provides the angler with vital feed-back from the lure which is so often missing with other heavy swimbait rods. This means that every kick of the lure and any contact are immediately felt.

  • -7’10”

    -1pc blade (+detachable handle for storage and transport)

    -Medium-Fast Multi-Loading action

    -3-8oz lures

    -30-50lbFC (#50-80 braid)

    -Fuji reel seat

    -Fuji KR-Alc 11+1 guide train

    -Custom Millerods HD Anti-tangle hook keeper

    -Complimentary custom rod sleeves




-Umbrella Rig


-Balance tuned

-Comfort Grip


-Long Range Presentation

-Custom Action

-Custom Graphite Blend

-Slick-flow Ceramic Guide Train

-Custom XH Anti-tangle Hook Keeper

A weapon of long-range presentation, the DreamFreak is a serious casting tool well suited to open water and edge fishing for that special bite. With a huge sweet spot of casting weights that covers a wide variety of popular 8-12” baits this is a very versatile rod.

Ideal for all types of swimbaits; glide, wake, and paddle; extra-large surface lures and even giant spinnerbaits. Also a fantastic umbrella rig rod.