CrankFreak POWER

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Sometimes you need to push the envelope… we wanted the length and the power to easily cast the bigger crankbaits further than ever before – and be able to do it comfortably all day – while maintaining a sensitive, forgiving action that’s the hallmark of a great cranking rod.

And this rod is it – a whole 8’6” of high-performance cranking POWER!

Designed with plenty of reel height so you can open the shoulders to easily bomb-cast big lures like the 10X, this rod will maximise the amount of time that a deep crank spends in the strike zone.

The long, comfortable handle tucks under the arm perfectly for retrieving, striking and fighting and the multi-guide train featuring 14 Fuji guides plus tip-top keeps everything running as smooth as silk.

The POWER is long and strong, but remains light and sensitive in the hand, and most importantly has that desirable ‘forgiving’ action to keep those thrashing bass from throwing your crank!


- 8’6”

- 1+Detachable handle

- Multi-Loading Action

- 1-3 ½ oz lures

- 15-30lb Flurocarbon

- Fuji reel seat

- Fuji KR-Alc guides 14+Top (smallest is #4.5)

- Complimentary custom rod sleeve


- Deep Cranks

- Ledge Fishing

Balance Tuned; Comfort Grip; Sensitivity +; Long Range Presentation; Custom Action; Custom Graphite Blend; Slickflow Ceramic Guide Train; Custom Crankbait Hook Keeper.

Achieving maximum casting distance with larger crankbait sizes – ideal for ledge and flats fishing but great for those deeper fish that only a 10X can get to!

Carl says: “I can confidently say that there is no other rod like the CrankFreak POWER! Longer and more powerful than other cranking rods while still having the perfect action to help keep fish on the trebles, this is one amazing crank rod.”