Jocumsen Wins Tenkiller

Jocumsen Wins Tenkiller

Elites angler Carl Jocumsen has completed his 2019 campaign in style, with a resounding win at the Elites Championship held on Tenkiller Lake, the final round of the regular season.

On a day that he also celebrated his 35th birthday, Jocumsen weighed the heaviest bag of the tournament just shy of 20lb to storm home from 3rd place and take the win by a 3lb margin.

Jocumsen’s winning pattern was a Molix 3/4oz jig fished exclusively on the Millerods JigFreak POWER rod, which he describes as being the key to his win.

 “This rod is the best for fishing Texas Rigs, Carolina Rigs and Jigs. It has low end power, lots of ‘feel’ in the tip, and a nice parabolic loading action.

“I was getting 6 bites a day, and never lost a single fish. That’s the difference between winning and just cashing a check.

“My first Elites top-10 finish was at Lake Guntersville and that was a very similar situation when I used slightly smaller baits on the standard JigFreak rod, and also converted every fish.

“Both JigFreak rods are the perfect length, have the perfect action and perfect handle design. They’re so sensitive it means that you don’t miss a bite and that helps hooking fish properly.

“There is simply no better rod available for jig fishing!”

Jocumsen’s focus now turns toward his ‘big bait’ season during the cooler months before the 2020 Elite season begins again next February.