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Made from an all-graphite construction, ‘SquareFreaK’ has been made specifically for high-performance fishing crankbaits, particularly the Squarebill. We have made it short and made it super light and super sensitive. You hardly know it’s there until you feel the extreme vibration through your fingers of your Squarebill crawling over anything and everything. Insanely accurate for placing the crank up against those stumps every single cast! The multi-loading action keeps them on the hook!


Multi-Loading Action

1/4- 3/4oz lures 8-15lb test

G-Clutch reel seat

Fuji guides 11+Top

Custom rod sleeve

Jerkbaits - Squarebills - Crankbaits

Balance Tuned; Comfort Grip; G-Clutch seat; Sensitivity +; Long Range Presentation; Custom Action; Custom Graphite Blend; Slickflow Ceramic Guide Train; Custom Hook Keeper.

Accurate casts with a Squarebill crankbait around stumps and lay downs or paralleling riprap walls without the weight and lack of sensitivity normally apparent with similar fiberglass-constructed rods

Carl says: “This is the fun rod of the group! Once I pick up the SquareFreaK it’s hard for me to put it down. What it lacks in size and weight it more than makes up for in the beasts it can handle. This is one tough little rod on Squarebills, and packs a punch when you need it!”