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Quite literally, this is the big brother and Power version of our JigFreak LC. With the amazing features of our standard JigFreaK rod, this rod was built tough for bigger baits, heavier cover and XOS bass. We retained the balance and feel at the tip for extreme sensitivity but added more power for better hook sets and control. If you prefer a ‘bigger’ jig rod, this is the one!

  • 7’6”
  • 1pc
  • Med-Fast Action
  • 1/2-1½oz lures
  • 12-25lb line
  • Fuji reel seat
  • Fuji KR-Alc guides x 12 (#4.5)
    +Top (#4.5)
  • Complimentary custom rod sleeve
  • Jigs
  • Texas
  • Carolina
  • Worm
  • Balance Tuned
  • Comfort Grip
  • Sensitivity +
  • Long Range Presentation
  • Swing Grip
  • Custom Action
  • Custom Graphite Blend
  • Slickflow Ceramic Guide Train
  • Custom Hook Keeper

‘Anywhere, Anytime’ is our motto for the JigFreaK Power! Run straight-through Fluorocarbon, tie on your favourite jig, rig or worm and go to work. There’s no job too big for this Power rod, best used when needing to fish a little deeper and needing a heavier hook set when using heavy gauge hooks.


“The JigFreak Power comes into play when I need a little more stopping ability than the standard JigFreaK action. I like to pick this outfit up in most structure style situations, and the incredible feel helped me secure a 10th place finish on the Chesapeake Bay Elite event by making neat casts into dock pilings and boat hulls. I could easily feel the subtle bites yet still had plenty of power to get them out of there.”