JigFreak LC

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The JigFreaK is just that, its freakish ability is to feel more than you have ever experienced. With over 5 years of continued development, perfection is the only word to describe this rod. The incredible balance of this blank action is matched by its ability to keep fish on; the smoothness of the rod will do all the work for you from the tip to the powerful butt section. With amazing feel at the tip it will allow you to maneuver your favorite jig, rig or worm through every rock, gravel patch or brush pile available.



Med-Fast Action

3/8-1oz lures

12-25lb line

G-Clutch reel seat

Fuji guides 12+Top

Custom rod sleeve

Jigs - Texas - Carolina - Worm

Balance Tuned; Comfort Grip; G-Clutch reel seat; Sensitivity +; Long Range Presentation; Swing Grip; Custom Action; Custom Graphite Blend; Slickflow Ceramic Guide Train; Custom Hook Keeper.

Casting jigs around rock, gravel, sand or into your number one brush pile.

Drag your jig on straight fluorocarbon line to get the bite, set the hook and let the rod go to work. This rod is a master at keeping them on, the hard work has been done now let the rod do the rest.

Carl says- “The best example of this rod’s performance ability was my 6th place finish at the Bassmaster Elites on Lake Guntersville in 2015. Even though I fished riprap walls and bridges in one of the most pressured areas in the country, I was able to pull bites behind dozens of weekend fisherman and even Elite Pros. To top it off after 3 days practice and a four day Elite tournament I didn't lose a single Bass. This is simply a mind blowing outfit, and now the G-Clutch handle makes it even better!”

As used by Carl in his 6th place finish at the 2015 Elites Guntersville event, weighing in the second largest bag for the entire tournament with fish caught on this rod!